Care guide

All of Indiana Glow's jewellery is either 925 Sterling Silver, Gold Plated or Stainless Steel.
Our Pieces are also Nickel and Lead free.
However, to make your jewellery long lasting please see below to caring for your jewellery.
Please avoid using any perfumes, lotions or oils while wearing your jewellery.
Remove your jewellery if you are planning to swim in chlorinated water or salt water.
To store your jewellery, place in a jewellery box, or the pouch your jewellery was sent in, away from sunlight.
Please note that sometimes the PH levels in your skin can also effect your jewellery. This may be that your skin oils have a higher acidity level, which can cause oxidation and may cause discolouring of your jewellery.
Most importantly, please love and enjoy wearing you Indiana Glow Piece!